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Sean WaltherI am Sean Walther, seangw@seangw.com (or click contact me in the nav) .  A “veteran” web developer, in the industry for over 10 years (I consider that a lot, when the industry has only been around for about 15 years) currently living in Rhode Island.

This website is a playground for me.  There’s a lot of things I want to say, most of which no one around me wants to hear.  I’m getting tired of the eyes glossing over so I will take my commentaries to the web — the land where you can’t see people ignoring you.

I’m hoping this website serves two purposes:

  1. Helps me define myself to the world (and maybe bring in some advertising revenue?)
  2. Enables others to leverage my expertise and experiences

My favorite technologies right now are PHP, Flash, SQL, XML, Javascript, AJAX and CSS.  HTML has become pretty boring.  Most of my HTML documents look like infrastructure to lay the CSS over them (as it should be).  About 5 years ago I would have said HTML is one of my core competencies, but nowadays it’s just too simple.  Now we at least have jQuery to play with.

Professionally I have worked in a lot of different environments — from TGI Fridays (yes, I was at one point, a bus boy), to some of the top web companies in the world (Think New Ideas was my first view into the professional web world).  The job I most often dream about working?  Bus boy.  No matter what plate you pick up, it goes in the bin the same way.  The IE plates don’t incorrectly implement eating, the Safari plates don’t require special handling.  Back to basics.

Personally, I’m from Massapequa, NY — on Long Island.  I wouldn’t call it small, but it isn’t a city.  I moved to Boston for college (Boston University), and just recently found myself living in Portsmouth, RI.

I’d love to hear from everyone visiting the site what they think.  Fortunately I’ve had my email address so long, I can’t possibly imagine getting any MORE spam — so I put the email right here on the page.

Thanks for visiting —

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