AJAX Tutorials

Basic AJAX Tutorial: jQuery toggle and slide

  • Definition of AJAX
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Basic document jQuery preparation
  • Binding jQuery actions to an anchor (A) tag
  • Toggling visibility of a div
  • Sliding in and out of that div

Basic AJAX Tutorial: Smooth Scrolling Text Marquee with a jQuery plugin

  • What is a plugin?
  • Installing a plugin
  • The jQuery Marquee plugin
  • Implementing the jQuery Marquee plugin

HTML Fadein Fadeout: Basic Javascript/AJAX Tutorial using jQuery’s fadeTo

  • Basic document jQuery preparation
  • Binding  jQuery actions to an anchor (A) tag
  • Fading In and Fading Out html elements with Javascript/AJAX

Basic jQuery Tutorial: Modify CSS classes and attributes, Hover and Toggle example

  • Modifying CSS atributes with jQuery
  • Setting a class for a page element
  • Removing a class from a page element
  • Testing if a class exists
  • A quick toggle and hover click behavior example

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