YouTube’s New Design

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 | Business | 2 Comments

You haven’t seen YouTube’s new design yet?

It’s not your fault, it’s hidden from the public.

If you want to see YouTube’s new design, open up Google Chrome:

  1. Launch
  2. Make sure you’re logged in (most people are by default)
  3. Copy the following line:
  4. On the YouTube window, hit Ctrl+Shift+J (Developer Tools)
  5. Put your cursor in the console (at the bottom)
  6. Paste that line in, hit enter.
  7. Refresh the page, and you’ll see it!
New YouTube Design


YouTube's new design video

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Flash and HTML5 Video: YouTube’s perspective on the video tag

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 | Business | No Comments

In conversations with designers and developers we have been discussing the pro and cons of using HTML5 video instead of Flash.  Sites that support iPad / iPhone need HTML5 as an option, and recently has been driving project’s to require non Flash video.

YouTube’s API Blog published an article yesterday, Flash and the HTML5 <video> tag, which goes over the major points of the argument from one of the most influential players in the Flash vs. HTML5 market.  It’s important to keep in mind while reading, that YouTube is owned by Google, and is positioned opposite Apple on many issues (this is far from impartial, but the points are applicable anyway).

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Apple’s Steve Jobs: Thoughts on Flash – and my response

Thursday, April 29th, 2010 | Business | 7 Comments

Steve Jobs posted a response to the whole Flash on iPad / iPhone / iPod issue, an excerpt:

I wanted to jot down some of our thoughts on Adobe’s Flash products so that customers and critics may better understand why we do not allow Flash on iPhones, iPods and iPads. Adobe has characterized our decision as being primarily business driven – they say we want to protect our App Store – but in reality it is based on technology issues. Adobe claims that we are a closed system, and that Flash is open, but in fact the opposite is true. Let me explain.

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Google executives convicted in Italy, because of uploaded content!

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 | Personal | 1 Comment

According to an article on the BBC site, Google bosses convicted in Italy, three Google executives were convicted because they “allowed” someone to upload a video of an autistic kid being bullied.

From the article:

The Google employees were accused of breaking Italian law by allowing the video to be posted online.

Judge Oscar Magi absolved the three of defamation but convicted them of privacy violations.

The UK’s former Information Commissioner Richard Thomas said the case gave privacy laws a “bad name”.

The three employees, Peter Fleischer, David Drummond and George De Los Reyes, received suspended six-month sentences, while a fourth defendant, product manager Arvind Desikan, was acquitted.

David Drummond, chief legal officer at Google and one of those convicted, said he was “outraged” by the decision.

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The Death Blow to IE6?

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 | Business | 2 Comments

Web developers are constantly fighting the IE6 battle.

We don’t want to support it, but all too often IE6 represents 10% of our client’s visitors — and you can’t tell a client they can’t talk to 10% of their visitors.  If it’s an ecommerce site that could be a 10% decrease in sales.

Recently many large sites have announced the looming demise of Internet Explorer 6.  Site’s such as Google Docs, Google Sites, YouTube (surprise, a Google company), and many others.  Rumors are spreading this will include Gmail, Google Calendar, and other Google products too (maybe the sacred Google Search).

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IE6: Graphical Illustration of Problems with CSS

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 | Business | No Comments

Posted on flickr, css mess, is one artist’s (atzu) homage to the problems all web developers face in IE6.  As the creator says:

By the way, I wanted to thank all these major sites as Youtube, Facebook, Google that are not supporting Internet Explorer 6 anymore.

— atzu

IE6 css mess

Click for Larger Version

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In Google We Trust

Friday, January 9th, 2009 | Personal | No Comments

I hear about the anti trust lawsuits against Microsoft.  Honestly, I think they are a little bit of “hey, lets get the big guy — he’ll pay us to go away” — but still, we’re protecting our bests interests.  

We trust Google.  Google has always been the digital apple of software user’s eyes.  Think about it, when was the last time you were pissed at Google?  So we trust google.  We trust google’s famous mantra “Do No Evil”.  We trust all of our emails with Google.  We trust Google with our digital lives, and sometimes more (how many of us acknowledge Google’s Picasa web albums as what we consider acceptable backup of some of our most precious moments.  We condiser Google a member of our family, someone we would trust with most of our private information.  

We need Google.   On my daily routine, I must use some aspect of Google every 5 minutes.  It’s disgusting if you think about it.  How much we rely on certain things, notions, and ideas to be constant in our lives.  How much of the web relies on Google?  Lets look at what I use Google for:

  • My Gmail account
  • My email (I won’t even get into how much of my life depends on that email service)
  • My calendar gets sync’d with my google calendar
  • Support for all of my technical issues
  • Reference material for my profession
  • IM
  • It’s where I send my family to see photos
  • This blog submits every post to Google
  • This blog uses Google’s Adsense, for advertising revenue (however small that may be)
  • 80% of the traffic on this blog comes from Google
  • I throw out those pesky outdated firmware CD’s that come with hardware, because I can google for updated drivers and firmware
  • Desktop Search
  • Web traffic analysis (analytics)
  • SEO tools
  • You Tube (enough said)

I’m sure there are dozens more uses I have on a daily basis for Google’s technology. 

Now what if one day I couldn’t log into any of the services I use at Google?  We depend on google.  I think if I found out I couldn’t use Google products and services, my life would change dramatically.

An article on Chris Brogan‘s blog, When Google Owns You, describes the story of Nick Saber, who loses his Google account.

The problem with monopolies is that we end up relying on them.  Even if there is no mal-intent, what if a mistake occurs?  A simple keystroke on a keyboard somewhere can probably delete our online lives.  

When do we trust a company too much?

Google likely knows more about you, than your significant other.  Additionally, you probably rely on Google (funtionally at least) more than your spouse.  

I’m going to think about Google in a different way. They have a lot of control, for a company who has automated email responses.  

After all, individually, Google doesn’t need us.

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