Do-Follow Experiment: Comment URLs are Do-Follow!

Monday, April 26th, 2010 | Business | 1 Comment

Most blogs out there have been advised (or forced) to have all comment URLs as nofollow because you don’t want to pollute the worth of your blog.  As of today, this blog will have all comment URLs listed regularly, without a nofollow “rel” tag.

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Top WordPress Plugins: Headspace2 replaces All in One SEO

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 | Business | 1 Comment

I have been using and recommending the WordPress plugin, All in One SEO, for years now.  It is solid, provides the ability to manage terms that were more difficult before.

Enter Headspace2.

Headspace2, by Urban Giraff, is another SEO meta data manager.  That means it helps you organize everything your website uses or organize itself.

Is it worth Switching?

So you have put all your efforts into typing specific keywords, overriding titles, and are finally happy with the results of your SEO work.  That normally provides a huge barrier to switching tools, not with Headspace 2. Headspace 2 makes migration easy, and instantly gives you more control than you had before.

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WordPress: How to get the Slug of the page

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 | Business, Tutorials | No Comments

When working with WordPress templates, we frequently find ourselves trying to get certain information about a page.  It bothers me how “non” object orientated page information is in WordPress, but those are the hurdles you need to get over as a web developer.

Today I wanted to get the “Slug” (or the last part of a Permalink for a page). › Continue reading

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Windows 7 – First Impressions

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009 | Personal | No Comments

It’s been a while — life has been quite busy.  Drupal, WordPress, Blender, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Illustrator, Flex, Flash, Actionscript, Papervision.  Even got some bicycling and racquetball in there on the weekends.

In the past, wow, month.  I’ve been up to quite a bit, and will be posting things on here about them all.  Right now my main focus is on my new install of Microsoft Windows 7 (the Release Candidate) while it is still fresh in my mind.

Background, Vista Recovery

A little bit of background, last week on Thursday I woke up to my Vista (32-bit) workstation completely hosed.  After a lengthy chat session with a Dell support rep (I can’t say how happy I was with the Dell support guy, he was friendly, smart, and patient through an almost 6 hour long chat session), I managed to get access to the files on my disk to back them up.  Happily, I reformatted.  I really needed it. 

The most amazing thing was when I put the Microsoft Vista DVD in, and it actually got my system to boot into “windows’.  Of course I had no icons or anything, the system was actually fixed by the Vista repair actions (a first for me, usually the only use I have for those is to get a command prompt to see the extent of the damage).

While the machine was on, but with no desktop — I was able to map to the drives through another computer and backup information (\\{Computer IP}\C$, D$, E$ until I found drives K, L and M).  That took forever, but it was successful.

Windows Vista 32-bit Install

It took FOREVER to get all the updates installed.  I know updates just accumulate while software is out.  I don’t remember it taking this long to update my XP machine which I had to reinstall 3 or 4 years into the lifecycle.  Maybe Vista just has more updates, but it took forever to get my machine back in working order.

Once I was up again, things were much faster (as they always are after a fresh format). 

I want to note, I’ve never had many Vista 32-bit driver issues, or any performance issues.  The few issues I had revolved around a few pieces of software that didn’t have drivers or fully compatible version for a few months after the Vista launch.

Welcome to Windows 7, how Vista should have been – the first 24 hours

Wow.  I downloaded the 64-bit Release Candidate from the official Windows 7 page yesterday.  I want to take advantage of the 16 slots my machine has for RAM.  Who wouldn’t?

I have a lot of good, and some bad, things to say about Windows 7 so far.

I’ll start with the positive:

  • The install process was a piece of cake, I’m running a raid controller for my OS drive (raid 0, living on the edge) — and didn’t have to do anything special
  • Updates to the OS through windows update were painless.  I want to say it was less than 10% of the downloads required by my Vista install a few days earlier, though the software isn’t even released yet.
  • Hardware wise, I have had ZERO, 0, problems with Windows Live 7.  not like the handful of hardware issues Vista32-bit had at launch
  • Google Chrome is giving me some issues.  I can get it to work occassionally but it always ends up “crashing” somehow.
  • I actually am not minding IE8, but I miss Chrome
  • Faster.  It’s true, this runs faster out of the box than my tweaked Vista install
  • Clean and easy interface.
  • Lots of room for running applications
  • Most of my old installers worked, a few of the installers had 64-bit versions I had to download
  • Everything with regards to the network seems to respond faster
  • It’s free! (for now)
  • Cleaner Start Menu
  • Higher Windows Experience Ratings

The Bad:

  • IE8 (yes, I don’t mind it, but I dislike having to use it instead of my Chrome)
  • Google Chrome won’t work well
  • Things have obviously moved, and I”m not comfortable with the locations yet.  This is really just me being stubborn
  • It will expire in 2010, and require a purchase


I’m happy with the install and highly recommend it.  I have not lost any productivity.  I’m not sure I’ve gained any though. 

I will continue to report on my experiences.

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Smashing Magazine: 10 Killer WordPress Hacks

Thursday, January 8th, 2009 | Business | No Comments

Smashing Magazine posted an article a few days ago with 10 wordpress hacks, 10 Killer WordPress Hacks.

Read the article for details on how to do them, but the hacks listed are:

  1. Display AdSense Ads to Search Engines Visitors Only
  2. Avoid Duplicate Posts in Multiple Loops
  3. Replacing “Next” and “Previous” Page Links with Pagination (we did that one!)
  4. Automatically Get Images on Post Content
  5. Create a “Send to Twitter” Button
  6. Using Normal Quotes Instead of Curly Quotes
  7. Deny Comment Posting to No Referrer Requests
  8. Using CSS Sliding Doors in WordPress Navigation
  9. Dsplay a Random Header Image on Your WordPress Blog
  10. List Your Scheduled Posts

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Feedburner, WordPress and Blogs

Monday, September 22nd, 2008 | Business | No Comments

Running and maintaining a blog is a learning experience for me.

First thing I’m learning, there is no instant gratification.

Second, fortunately, there are tons of tools out there to help you.

I’ve just stumbled across a post at TD Creative, with regards to Feedburner.  It highlights some things that feedburner will do for you.

Highly recommended read, I’m looking into it at the moment.

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iPhone interoperability

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 | Business, Personal | No Comments

As a follow-up, it has been confirmed that the iPhone WordPress application on iTunes works very well (at least for me).

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Flash and WordPress integrate easily

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008 | Business | No Comments

After a few quick tests, I was able to modify the actionscript libraries slightly to pull WordPress blog entries into a flash website.

Please check out this great article on xmlrpc and integrating flash with WordPress.

Final results will be posted soon.  My goal is to have the website react to live posts via wordpress, and leverage wordpress as a CMS “on the go” using the iphone WordPress application to post “Press Releases” on my website remotely.

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Integrating wordpress, xml, and flash

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008 | Business | No Comments

I am experimenting on integrating the wordpress application with my flash front end, through the RSS XML conduit. 

I’ll post any results — of course if there are no results, you may not see anything at all!

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