Help: Wi-Fi broke on iOS 6 install

Thursday, September 20th, 2012 | Business | 1 Comment

iOS 6I’m hearing reports that WiFi is breaking on iOS 6 updated phones.

The best thing you can do is:

  1. Forget WiFi Network: Settings->Wifi->(select your network)->Forget This Network
  2. Restart your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc)
  3. Log back on your Wi-Fi network

Some people are reporting this is due to a proxy being assigned to your WiFi (it works but you can’t browser in Safari).

Please let me know if this helps, and if not, what does!

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EEE Keyboard – Computer in a keyboard

Monday, September 14th, 2009 | Personal | No Comments

Saw a post on the Asus Eee Keyboard on taranfx, Asus Eee Keyboard is Actually a PC: Featuring Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Wireless HDMI, Atom.

Initially I’d say “I want this”, as I do all cool technologies.  Realistically it seems like more of a distraction than a useful “keyboard”.  It boils down to a computer in a keyboard, so your keyboard becomes all you need along with a monitor.

I’d rather have a laptop and just connect it to a monitor.  It feels like this product is paying entirely for the (very cool) keyboard screen.  I doubt the screen will result in much increased productivity — since you have to shift focus down to just use it.

Maybe instead of touch screen applications, a little touch pad instead?

It definitely demos very well:

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