Twitter’s NewNew UI Keyboard Shortcuts

Friday, December 9th, 2011 | Business | No Comments

TwitterI didn’t know, but Twitter implemented quite the set of keyboard shortcuts in the NewNew Twitter design.

You need to “navigate” your twitter feed to use the actions.  So to “reply” to a tweet, scroll down using J and K (and space).  You can see which tweet is highlighted.  Then you can do an “action” such as hitting T to retweet.

For the “Timelines” you need to hold down G and hit the 2nd key, so to go to your profile, hold G and hit P.

Web developer should be thinking more and more of these keyboard shortcuts as your websites become more like applications.

Here’s a short of the help menu (you can hit “Shift+/” or “Shift + ?” to get this in twitter):

Twitter Shortcuts

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