Mobile: App or Website? Which one works?

Thursday, January 20th, 2011 | Business | 3 Comments

Mobile web usage is growing.  I’d say 20-30% of my overall web surfing is mobile.

Quantcast’s January 5th 2010 (yes, it’s even a year behind) says that global and North American mobile usage is skyrocketing.  Between December ’08 and December ’09 mobile web share was up 110%.  At that growth we can expect that last year went from 1.26% on 1/1/2010, to somewhere around 2.5% in 1/2011 (this is just an estimate, I think it’s conservative).

My mobile web traffic (on this site) went from 0 in December 2008, to 4-5 a day in November 2009, to 180 mobile visitors in June 2010 (coinciding with iPhone 4 launch).  Mobile usage is spiking.

How does your website address mobile users?

Do you use an App?

Do you just make sure your website works with a mobile crowd?

We will discuss the options web site’s have in today’s world for engaging the mobile community with the following options:

  • Mobile Compatible Website
  • Mobile Targeted Website
  • Release an App

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