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11 Hard Truths about HTML5

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 | Business | No Comments

Read an excellent article by Peter Wayner over at InfoWorld, 11 hard truths about HTML5.

Some points made in the article:

  • Security is a nightmare
  • Local data storage is limited
  • Local data can be manipulated
  • Offline apps are a nightmare to sync
  • The cloud owes you nothing
  • Forced Upgrades aren’t for everyone
  • Web Workers offer no prioritization
  • Format incompatibilities abound
  • Implementations are browser-dependent
  • Hardware¬†idiosyncrasies¬†bring new challenges
  • Politics as usual

The point of most of the article is just about fundamental problems building web “applications” … or just web sites that do things normally reserved for desktop applications, not necessarily problems introduced by HTML5.

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