Apple’s controversy regarding stealing ideas from Intelliscreen

Monday, September 22nd, 2008 | Business | 2 Comments


Intelliscreen home page preview

Intelliscreen's modifications to the locked screen of the iPhone.

Intelliscreen is an application for jailbroken iPhone’s.  The application modifies the “locked” iPhone screen (normally your background with an unlock slider), and adds information collected from various sources.


After I got my new iPhone 3G, I had the privilege of fearlessly jailbreaking my old iPhone.  I installed the application, it was great.  When you pick up your phone you saw news, weather, and messages all without even unlocking your phone. 

To the right you can see what the Intelliscreen image looks like.  Very useful.

Recently Apple has announced they will be releasing the same functionality legitimately on the iPhone.  This is of course through a patent filing.

Everyone has been saying that Apple was stealing from Intelliscreen.  This coming as everyone is hearing the story about the furniture salesman who “invented” the iPhone (here’s a hint how that’s going, he’s still a furniture salesman).

In recent light, it turns out the filing actually dates back BEFORE the Intelliscreen application came out.  That’s right, the patent dates back to June 2007, whereas the Intelliscreen application didn’t come out until May of 2008.

I think the consumers win out on this one, as Intelliscreen has had time to test the application in a small subset of iPhone users.  Apple will officially release the alterations to the home page.

I hope Intelliscreen doesn’t get left out in the cold, as they made some nice software.

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