Brower Market Share: Chrome at 10.7%, IE 6 at 12.03% – Companies upgrading from IE6

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 | Business | 1 Comment

ConceivablyTech has done a good job summarizing the data from NetMarketShare.

From The Third Double-Digit Browser: Chrome Blasts Past 10%:

Google’s Chrome had another successful month and ended 2010 with 10.70% market share, according to Net Applications and almost 16% according to StatCounter. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continued to lose market share on a fast pace while Mozilla’s Firefox is fighting and tightly holding on to the market share it has.

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Help: IE7 won’t load my JSON but IE8 will – Using a JSON Validator

Monday, March 8th, 2010 | Business | 2 Comments

I just ran into this issue, and found surprisingly little documentation.  My JSON request wasn’t returning.  I was using the jQuery “getJSON” method to send the request out.  Nothing was coming back.

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Google Chrome 4.0: Extensions and Bookmark Sync

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 | Business | No Comments

Today Google officially announced the release of Chrome 4.0.  The update features two major pieces of functionality, Extensions and Bookmark Syncing.  If you already have Google Chrome, just click on the “tool” -> About Google Chrome, and click on “Update” in the lower right corner next to the OK window.  Otherwise, download it from Google. › Continue reading

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Google History: Distorts Search Results (Warning for SEO experts)

Friday, May 29th, 2009 | Business | 2 Comments

A growing sector in web development nowadays is the SEO “expert”. 

With the blossoming effects of social networks and rapidly developing online presences, many people consider themselves SEO experts because they can gain visibility for your site.

One could argue, that’s exactly what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, making sure your site gets visibility. 

I’m going to stay neutral on that subject, but say that SEO should generate organic traffic to your site through cooperation with modern search technologies.  Proper SEO shouldn’t be a Boom and Bust scenario, but a constantly growing user base.

With all of these new SEO experts comes a group of individuals who are NOT skilled in all the fundamentals on the internet.

Google History
One warning I wanted to throw out there, is Google distorts search results for users based on sites they have clicked on previously.  Take a look at Google History, and you’ll see what I mean.

Google History takes your previous browsing behavior and organizes it.  That information is used to tailor your search results, and I’m sure for Google to customize their search engine performance overall.

When doing SEO you frequently search for a few search terms every day, and may click on the results you like. 

SEO experts should know that the results they see may differ wildly from the rest of the world. 

All SEO experts should use “neutral” browsers without Google Toolbar installed such as Firefox or Safari (yes, it’s available on the PC too — and it works pretty well) to test the search placements of their clients. 

Additionally, if you have hired an SEO expert, be sure to cross reference their results with searches on indepedent computers.  Your SEO expert may say your site is now “top 5” when it is in fact only in the top 20.  This is because their computer is biased based on that user’s history.

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Chrome – Holding Steady

Sunday, September 21st, 2008 | Business | No Comments

I had posted earlier that I had setup Google’s new Chrome browser.

Now it’s been at least a week that I’ve been using it and I wanted to post some comments.

First of all, I don’t consider a “beta” browser.  I know whenever I test out a new browser it feels like it’s almost unusable for a period of time.  It’s been getting much better since the IE4 days, but there’s still always a sense of “this isn’t ready yet”.

Being a web developer, I dread new browsers because … thats just one more environment you have to test in.  

With this browser, I feel like it is already a final product.  Already I’m excited about the integration of “Gears”, the slim application like interface when you “Create application shortcut”, how fast it seems to run, and the possibilities it introduces for Javascript and AJAX online.

Some minor issues I would, however, like to raise are:

  • I had a tab freeze, and the other tab froze as well — I had thought each tab was supposed to be entirely independent from one another in processor space and prevent this.  Maybe I’m misunderstood?
  • It seems the great “V8” team that Google had put together is in competition with SquirrelFish Extreme in terms of pure performance.  Needless to say, I’m no expert in this, and it’s probably one of those benchmarks that highly favors a browser, or isn’t indicative of the complete functionality of an engine.
  •  This is entirely a subjective point, but I don’t like the way the Taskbar icons look.  I know I’m tuned into Firefox and IE’s icons for the web, but I always get confused with the 3 colors in the Chrome taskbar icons.  
  • Whos’ taking advantage of the new functionality the most?  I remember years ago seeing links to who was taking advantage to IE4’s new capabilities, does anyone have a list of site’s that are built to embrace Chrome?  (maybe an idea for a future project)
Overall I’m impressed with the new browser.  It feels clean.
Chrome is slowly becoming my browser of choice.  
I know lots of early adopters tried and switched back (check out this interesting review of Chrome adoption and usage at Arstechnica, it is useful information).

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