iPhone 4S Battery Life Problems?

Friday, October 28th, 2011 | Business | No Comments

A friend of mine just forwarded me an article on iPhone 4S battery life problems.

It’s What’s Really Killing your iPhone 4S Battery? published on Business Insider.

From the article:

Battery performance on the iPhone 4S isn’t quite as good as it was on the iPhone 4.

Some chalk it up to the more power hungry dual-core processor, which makes sense. Kind of.

Read more:

Some problems brought up were:

  1. Corrupt iCloud contacts
  2. Apps bugging out, not closing properly
  3. Location services (remember, if you have Find my Friends turned on, GPS is always on, location reminders too!)
  4. iTunes wi-fi sync.  Technically this should only happen when the phone is plugged in, but it could suck more battery
  5. Sending Apple some error reports.

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