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Project Glass: Google’s Augmented Reality

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 | Business | No Comments

It’s been a rumor for a few months, but Google is actually putting their “Project Glass” technology out in the wild.  They’ve been seen in the hands of Google employees.

This stuff is the future. We just need to find out who does it right. Google has some impressive technology here, and it actually works.

All powered by Android.  I’m still an iOS guy, but I can see this as changing my tune.

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Papervision Augmented Reality

Thursday, December 4th, 2008 | Business | 1 Comment

In the 2008 presidential elections, CNN had some pretty “cheesy” special effects.  

CNN tried to involve “holograms” (they were far from holograms technically) into their live coverage.  In reality, it was mostly augmented reality that they were using.  Give them credit for trying something new.  It would have been nice for them not to say it was a hologram.  For the next 5 years people are going to see real holograms and say they saw CNN do it better in 2008.  

Boffswana (formerly Digital Pictures Interactive) has published the source code to a Papervision and Flash powered augmented reality.  

Papervision – Augmented Reality, lets you print out a symbol and place it on your desk.  When you start up the flash movie and let it access your video camera, you can move a 3d object around in the flash movie — augmented reality .. not a hologram — and see a 3d monster object move around as if he were on top of it.  

They provide source code and printouts.  How fun.

The project requires Papervision and FLARToolkit libraries.  

A video from there site is below:

Papervision – Augmented Reality (extended) from Boffswana on Vimeo.

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