AS2 vs AS3 when it comes to classes and packages

Friday, November 7th, 2008 | Business | No Comments

I’m doing some research into what other people use as their desired AS3 package/class structure.  

In reading a handful of articles and reviewing some code, I ran into the following post:

Moving From Flash AS2 To Flash AS3: Packages on 8-bit Rocket

Quick Summary: 

  • AS2 has a flexible approach to packages
  • AS2 package names are more closely associated with the location of the FLA
  • AS3 requires full use of packages if you want to use classes or objects
  • AS3 requires the use of “public” as a definition of scope
Check out the article — it has some good examples of building out an example package and class structure.  It’s a bit basic, but it’s done well.

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