Twitter Changes their API Game

Friday, August 17th, 2012 | Business | No Comments

TwitterYesterday, Michael Sippey (@sippey) at Twitter posted an announcement detailing the Changes coming in Version 1.1 of the Twitter API.

In his post, he covered the changes to authentication, rate limitations, changes to the “Rules of the Road”, and reviews why Twitter is making these changes.

All web developers should know what’s going on.  As soon as Twitter’s API version 1.1 comes out we will have 6 months to address the modifications introduced.

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WordPress 3.4 Beta 1 Released

Thursday, April 5th, 2012 | Business | 1 Comment

WordPressThis morning it was announced that the WordPress 3.4 Beta 1 was released.

If you are a web developer who develops custom themes and/or plugins, you should be watching the next release as there are changes very relevant to your work.

Here’s some of what’s new:

  • Theme Customizer with Previewer
  • Flexible Custom Header Sizes
  • Selecting Custom Header and Background Images from Media Library
  • Better experience searching for and choosing a theme

And some of the under-the-hood changes:

  • New XML-RPC API for external and mobile applications
  • New API for registering theme support for custom headers and backgrounds
  • Performance improvements to WP_Query by splitting the query (Please test!)
  • Internationalization improvements (improved performance and locale support)
  • Performance and API improvements when working with lists of installed themes
  • Support for installing child themes from the WordPress Themes Directory

You can download the WordPress 3.4 Beta 1 here.

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Google+ API Announced and Made Public

Thursday, September 15th, 2011 | Business | No Comments

Got an email from the Google+ team a few hours ago, saying:

Greetings developers,

Thank you for showing your interest in the Google+ platform on our developer interest form. We promised to let you know when we had more details to share. Well, that time has come…

Today, we’re launching the first of the Google+ APIs. This initial API release is focused on public data only — it lets you read information that people have shared publicly on Google+. Read our blog post for more details.

Also, we’re happy to introduce a new Google+ developers site. This will be the place to go for our policies, terms, discussions with other developers, access to documentation, tools that make development on the Google+ platform easier and more fun, and of course, the place where announcements concerning new releases will be made.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you build with the API. Today is just the beginning, and your work will affect what comes next, so go ahead and get started.

Happy coding!

– The Google+ platform team

I guess this means it’s open season for developing for Google+.

You can find the Google+ API here.

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W3 Total Cache: Version Supports MediaTemple ProCDN

Thursday, September 8th, 2011 | Business | No Comments

I love Media Temple for web hosting (anyone who I’ve worked with knows they are the first hosting company I recommend).  I love W3 Total Cache for speeding up my WordPress sites.

The two are now married.  Err… maybe they’re friends?  At least … they are connected.

The new version of W3 Total Cache added API support for MediaTemple’s ProCDN offering (it’s EdgeCast but rebranded as MT).

To get the required Account #, and Token you need to log into your EdgeCast (ProCDN) account.

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