NetQuote: Spam, Unsolicited Submissions, and Bad Leads

Thursday, December 8th, 2011 | Personal | 4 Comments

NetQuoteThis is less technical, and a warning to those getting involved in automated lead generation systems… and those using it.

Nine months ago I, as a consumer, tried using one of them online “Car Insurance Quote” systems. It was powered by NetQuote (which I found out recently). I know they’re all garbage, but it would at least get me in contact with some insurance companies to survey the options available, as my life has changed significantly since I started out with my first car insurance (big city to small town, single to married, apartment street parking to garage parking, from 24 to 32).

I did this because my insurance was coming up for renewal …

This morning, I’m sitting at my computer coding, and I get 4 emails at the same time, about a car insurance quote I had requested (I hadn’t!).  A few minutes later my phone rang, someone was calling about my car insurance quote online.

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