Earthquake in RI, again?

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 | Personal | by

I just felt a minor earthquake, or what I thought was one.  It was either that, or our dog scratching herself violently.

The house shook, things moved just a bit.

Only a little over a year ago we had another minor earthquake felt in RI.

How do I know?  I saw on Twitter: earthquake RI

Others felt the same thing too.

Everyone seems safe, unless you were building houses of cards.

UPDATE – October 16, 2012 @ 7:47PM

It was a 4.5 earthquake, centered about 5km west of Hollis Center, ME.  Reports on twitter say it was felt throughout the northeast including MA, VT, NH, RI, CT and parts of NY.  Someone tweeted me from NY saying her mirror move a bit.

The earthquake was picked up by mainstream news outlets in the past few minutes:

No reports of any damage that I’ve seen yet.

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3 Comments to Earthquake in RI, again?

October 16, 2012

It seems to be related to the earthquake in Maine just a few minutes ago —

Katherine Quinn
October 16, 2012

We felt it too. Out in Barrington. About 15 minutes ago. The house was shaking- water in the aquarium sloshing around and pictures shaking on the wall. At first my 3 kids and I (all sitting around reading on the couch) thought is was a train passing but then we remembered that we don’t live anywhere near a train track…

October 16, 2012

Didn’t feel that bad down here in Portsmouth (just a few shakes, seriously thought it could have been the dog scratching intensely), but Twitter makes it sound like the whole Northeast region felt it (MA, VT, NH, ME, RI, etc)

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