Help: Photoshop CS6 asks for Serial Number, after Signing Up for Creative Cloud

Thursday, August 30th, 2012 | Business | by

Adobe Creative Cloud LogoI had a CS6 trial that expired.  After seeing the Creative Cloud offer (for $30/mo) I decided to sign up for it.

I signed up, but my Photoshop CS6 would still say the “Your Trial has Expired” and ask for me to “License This Software”.

It was licensed!

After clicking “License This Software” I’d log in with my Adobe Creative Cloud account, and be asked for a serial number.  Despite many internet searches I couldn’t find a way to get a serial number (you can’t, Creative Cloud doesn’t work that way).

Here’s the steps I took to fix it:

  1. Close out all Applications (Adobe and non-Adobe … probably since Adobe ties into everything via Acrobat)
  2. Navigate to: C:\Program Files X (86)\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\
  3. Rename the “cache” directory to “cache-backup” (or anything else not “cache”)
  4. Start Photoshop CS6
  5. Click on “License This Software
  6. I signed out of my current Creative Cloud login (this may or may not be necessary, but it worked) — choose a different
  7. I signed in again with my same account
  8. Photoshop CS6 worked!

Let me know if this works for you

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2 Comments to Help: Photoshop CS6 asks for Serial Number, after Signing Up for Creative Cloud

November 28, 2012

Thank you!!!!!! I have been frustrated by this exact problem for two days. I have searched the internet for various “solutions” and couldn’t find any real answers. I contacted Adobe support and was told to download a cleaner to clean everything off and then reinstalled everything…that worked for a day, but then the message appeared again. I then found your post and folled your directions, and after logging in a message came up that said “You subscription has been activated” and I had not seen that before. I have now logged in several times without any problems. Thank you so much!!

Marcelo Vianna
July 29, 2013

Hi. I have the same problem. Do you know how fix it in mac osx?

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