Firefox OS to be built in HTML5

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MozillaTechWeek europe posted today, Mozilla Wants Hundreds of Thousands of Firefox OS Developers.

The new Firefox OS will be built around Gecko, the engine behind Firefox.

According to the article, 75% of “apps” (I hate that term) are already written in HTML5, which is entirely likely.  Given the cross platform nature of HTML5 many of those “instant iOS” apps will have no problem migrating to the Firefox OS.

From the article:

The Mozilla Foundation has just renamed the project Boot to Gecko “Firefox OS”. But can we really talk about an operating system?
Absolutely. In terms of architecture, it is an operating system based on Linux, just as Android is. But we rely on Gecko, the Firefox web browser layout engine, to run applications written entirely in HTML5. We dropped XUL (the XML User Interface Language) in favour of HTML5, a language known to all web developers.

You have to worry about the wide consumption of HTML5.  It’s an excellent platform for some tasks, but is it truly the best choice for an operating system?  Sure it has a wide developer audience, but what about performance?

Facebook has just decided that HTML5 on iOS isn’t fast enough, and has retooled the entire application.  At least in the iOS environment.

It’s a good time to be an HTML5 developer, with recent announcements regarding Windows 8, and now Firefox — will our future be paved in HTML5?

Will we regret basing an entire generation of mobile / OSes on a platform built for web pages?

Let us know your opinion, chime in with comments below!


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