WordPress 3.3.1 Released: Fixes some 3.3 JS bugs

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 | Business | by

WordPressWordPress has released version 3.3.1, you can download it in your WordPress installs or at wordpress.org/download.

Fixed in this release is a bug that affected a ton of WordPress installations, the Script loader failing on no-JSON PHP servers.  I had written up a fix in Help: WordPress broke after 1.3 Upgrade.

Other fixes in this release:

  • Multi site upload limit fix
  • Widget count on dashboard fixed
  • Never show two flyouts at once
  • userdata not workign properly
  • Toolbar warning messages
  • Unwanted backalshes in output
  • Users could change logged in “Administrators” to “Subscriber” (Yikes!)
  • … and a few more.

If you had to install the Hotfix 0.8 plugin, you should definitely get this minor release installed.

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[…]  It will disable the JSON support that is breaking in 3.3.UPDATE – 2012-01-03WordPress has released version 3.3.1 which is supposed to fix this issue. /**/Tags: help, Hotfix, WordPressNo comments yet.Leave a […]

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