jQuery Mobile 1.1 – Fixed Toolbars, Improved Transitions

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 | Business | by

jQueryjQuery Mobile 1.1, which will be ready for release in mid/late February, will have some nice updates.  I’m sure mobile web developers are happy to hear some of these:

  • Fixed Toolbars – no more repositioning after a scroll, jQuery Mobile will have true fixed toolbars!  Even better, purely CSS-based.
  • AMD Support – A CommonJS standard, will be supported. (not the processor!)
  • Better AJAX page transitions – to quote the post, “Smoother, Faster”.

Also good to note, is that touchOverflow will be deprecated in 1.1.  That means it should still work, but we should start moving away from it in our code.

It’s good to hear that the jQuery Mobile framework team is planning on regular releases every few months.

Thanks guys!

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3 Comments to jQuery Mobile 1.1 – Fixed Toolbars, Improved Transitions

[…] jQuery Mobile 1.1 – Fixed Toolbars, Improved Transitions […]

[…] 1.0.1 now, but jQuery Mobile 1.1 is coming out soon.Here’s some stuff to look forward to in jQuery mobile 1.1:AMD supportTrue Fixed Toolbars – it’s always been buggy, but they seem to have come up […]

Lee Crossley
February 9, 2012

Looking forward to the Fixed Toolbars, we’re in the middle of developing an app with jQuery Mobile 1.0.1 and PhoneGap 1.3 – problem is the footer keeps jumping and flickering all over the place.

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