iPhone4: How can I Jailbreak iOS 5?

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iOS 5If you haven’t ever jailbroken your iPhone before, you should know some things:

  • This could be risky
  • If Apple releases an update, you may have to wait before you can get it
  • Backup your device before jailbreaking

I’ve done it before on my iPhones, but personally I don’t run a jailbroken iPhone.

To do a jailbreak you must install software written specifically to jailbreak your phone.  This software can sometimes look seedy.  By all means, you should be careful.

If you already jailbroke your iPhone, and want to untether your iPhone, you just need to install Coronoa Untether 5.0.1 in Cydia.

This will work on the iPhone4 and iPhone 4S.  I believe it will also work on the 3GS and the 3G (please let me know if it doesn’t!)

Step 0 – Install iOS 5.0.1

This fix will only work with iOS 5.0.1 so upgrade to that first (and be sure to backup your phone).

Step 1 – Download the Jailbreak Software

The software use this time will be redsn0w.  You can download it for either mac or pc here:

Step 2 – Install the Software

Easy enough, downlod the file in Step 1, then unzip it (on mac click the redsn0w icon, a pineapple, on windows run redsn0w.exe).

Step 3- Jailbreak and install Cydia

You want to choose the “Jailbreak” option, which will jailbreak your iPhone and install Cydia.  For those of you who don’t know, Cydia is the jailbroken iPhone’s “App Store” which has both free, and paid apps available to only jailbroken iPhones.

You should follow the onscreen instructions in the app, including turning your iOS device off while it is plugged in to the computer.  Follow the directions very carefully.


If you follow the onscreen directions (in redsn0w) accurately, your iPhone should now be jailbroken.

Here you should “Install Cydia”

You may need to reboot your device after installing Cydia, sometimes it takes a power cycle to catch.


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