NetQuote: Spam, Unsolicited Submissions, and Bad Leads

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NetQuoteThis is less technical, and a warning to those getting involved in automated lead generation systems… and those using it.

Nine months ago I, as a consumer, tried using one of them online “Car Insurance Quote” systems. It was powered by NetQuote (which I found out recently). I know they’re all garbage, but it would at least get me in contact with some insurance companies to survey the options available, as my life has changed significantly since I started out with my first car insurance (big city to small town, single to married, apartment street parking to garage parking, from 24 to 32).

I did this because my insurance was coming up for renewal …

This morning, I’m sitting at my computer coding, and I get 4 emails at the same time, about a car insurance quote I had requested (I hadn’t!).  A few minutes later my phone rang, someone was calling about my car insurance quote online.

If you know me (most of you don’t), I hate unsolicited phone calls.  HATE.  I also, for some reason, was on a kick this morning to get off some daily email lists.  I do that every 6 months or so.

I decided to check into the emails, and find out it came from a company called NetQuote.  The most annoying piece of information I found was that they were selling their free trial “get 15 leads, a $200 value“.  NetQuotes is a company that generates leads, and sells them to all sorts of companies … health, car, home, life insurance etc.

This annoyed be because I could imagine why I was getting these unsolicited phone calls and emails.  They were making money off it.  At 15 leads for $200, that’s $13.33 per lead they are getting paid.  I received 4 emails, and a phone call.  That’s four or five different leads that were generated, from NOTHING.  I didn’t request them, NetQuote probably needed to drum up business.  So they faked a submission.

My single faked submission probably “earned” them $60-70.  These companies had paid for legitimate leads (like I was 9 months ago).

Looking through my inbox, it seems like this has happened 3 or 4 times so far this year.  NetQuote has made $280 by selling leads that didn’t exist, and they did it by selling my time.

This is only for me!  I imagine a lot of people are experiencing the same thing!

To be fair, I called up NetQuote to let them know (you can call them too and let them know you didn’t sign up):

1860 Blake Street, Suite 900
Denver, CO 80202

When they answer, remember it’s not their CS rep’s fault, so be polite .. but inform them you didn’t submit a quote, and you don’t want to receive further emails / phone calls.

Most Importantly, don’t use NetQuote

If you’re a company looking for sales leads in insurance … understand you are paying for leads that NetQuote is dreaming up.  Not only are the leads false, but consumers are going to consider your correspondences as unsolicited sales calls / emails.

I feel a little better having gotten that off my chest.  If you want a car insurance quote, please just contact a few companies directly and ask for their rates, those online forms aren’t accurate at all, and are just teaser ads to get you to call.

Here are some car insurance companies (no, I’m NOT paid to list these, I’m just annoyed at NetQuote — or check out JD Power Car Insurance Ratings, these companies all score 4/5 stars in overall satisfaction):

Amica (I use them currently)


Auto-Owners Insurance

Erie Insurance


State Farm





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4 Comments to NetQuote: Spam, Unsolicited Submissions, and Bad Leads

AJ Hatch
May 15, 2012

I really appreciated this! This morning my husband started getting calls from all these different car insurance companies, about his wanting a quote. I was afraid of identity theft of some sort: but after seeing this I called NetQuote, and sure enough our information was submitted to them this morning! A year ago we were looking for quotes for a car, all I can figure is it got resubmitted. Thanks for saving me from a big headache, though-it was a fairly easy fix.

February 6, 2013

Hey man, thanks for doing the leg work on this. I had the same issue and this information was invaluable. I had 3 car insurance companies calling several times a day and not leaving messages AND I am on the do not call registry. Seems like NetQuote is just a scam to get around it.

April 30, 2013

THANK YOU. My phone was ringing off the hook from 5 different numbers. I called the 1800 # you gave and they removed my name and number that they said I had sumbitted an hour earlier (which I had not!)

My company used NetQuote to find insurance on 2012-09-21.

As of today, 2013-08-06, and starting around mid-July 2013, my company’s email account has received over 5 spams *per day* on average from NetQuote selling out our email address to parties unknown and unwanted!

How do I know? Per corporate policy, every service we sign up to includes the domain name in the email address. In this instance, we created the email “netquote@ourdomain”. All of the spams carefully hide the fact that they are going to that address, but you can find it if you look at All Headers and search for the address.

Our legal department has contacted NetQuote about this directly, thanks to the information provided on this blog post, and they told us an investigation is pending, but we will see.

I say stay away. Their service is NOT worth ending up on the spamrolls of hundreds of shady companies!

PS If you want proof, just find our email address on the web page posted in this link and our legal team said they’ll be more than happy to forward a few of the spam messages to you with proof.

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