iPhone Lost Contacts – Windows Address Book Fix

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iOS 5Many people have visited my iPhone Lost Contacts post (5 solutions to the problem) from a few months ago.  Apparently everyone still has iPhone issues.

A recent visitor (thanks garykob!) to the site posted a possible “Solution #6” that involves Windows XP and leverages the Windows Address Book.  You can see his solution on the Apple Support Forums, or you can follow his steps below.

As a note, I believe this only worked because at some point, the contacts were stored in Windows Address Book.  It’s very likely that your contacts might be there, and you may not even know it:

  1. iTunes -> Devices -> My phone -> Summary Tab -> change [ ] Back up to iCloud to [x] Back up to this computer
  2. iTunes -> Devices -> My phone -> Info Tab -> [x] Sync contacts with Windows address book -> Apply/Sync -> Success!

The discoverer of this fix says that Windows address book was never synced to, and this worked.  Again, I expect at some point something sync’d with Windows address book (and the fix isn’t complete).

Please let me know how it works for you!

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8 Comments to iPhone Lost Contacts – Windows Address Book Fix

[…] a few minutes ago (for you, who knows how long ago).  You can read about it on the new post:iPhone Lost Contacts – Windows Address Book FixKeep the feedback coming!  You’ll lose anything you’ve done since that backup, but you […]

January 4, 2012

thank u it was verry helpfull

Bill Humbert
May 27, 2012

I recently upgraded my father-in-law’s iPhone 4S and his contacts were no longer there. I tried the sync’ing to the windows address book and it worked! I was shocked because I know he had never synced to the windows address book. I have been the one to always handle the maintenance on his phone. Have no idea why this worked but it did! Thanks!

Sanja Benazic
June 17, 2012

I lost all my contacts and SMS after the update to iOS 5.1.1 I got it back that way but I miss the newest ones. And I can’t get back the SMS.

June 18, 2012

Have just Imported from SIM and it worked. Now all I need are my calendar entries!!! Any ideas. this also happened after backup/update. Not a happy bunny!!!

August 1, 2012

My wife tired to update my ipone because it did not have the capability to erase songs i recently downloaded.So the big problem is my apple ID is hooked up to hers and our ipad we tried to synced but noe all contact from my wifes phone is on my phone and it also attempted to rd download all the photos from our computer…Im in big trouble and we cant figure out how to get them back, all my work contacts photos videos gone!!! someone can you please help me!343b

September 18, 2012

Thanks. My issue is that I do a sync and then check to see if my recent contacts added to my iphone 4s show up in my windows 7 contacts. Some do some dont? I am new to the Iphone used BB prior. I was talked into upgrading and I like the Iphone but it seems that I am the only one that has problems so no one I know can help me since they never encountered these problems. Another problem I have is I get voice mails but I cant open them unless I do a “hard restart” confused.

Saeed Aynetchi
September 28, 2012

I lost all my contacts when I upgraded my Iphone…
I had first my ICloud switched off and followed above steps one and two and got back all my contacts by sync with windows address book. Thank you so much… :)

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