Apple and Amazon, Let us Choose!

Friday, December 9th, 2011 | Business | by

First hand, I only have experience with the iPhone / iOS devices.

I had run across a review on the Kindle Fire at TechnologyRight (he had linked to one of my articles, and I was checking out his site).  He mentions that it is too easy to buy content on the Kindle Fire.  Definitely a problem (especially if you have kids, as John mentions).

One minor annoyance for me, is how I have to put my password in every time I want to buy, update, or sometimes use content on my iPhone.  It is 2012, can we not decided whether to remember our password or not?  It’s too hard to buy something.  If I want to, let me click on everything and pay $0.99 every time I make a mistake.  I want that option.

Personally, being without kids, it would be great to be able to hit “Update All” and not have to enter a password.  After all, we can password protect our devices.

I know, there are arguments for the password at every purchase, such as:

  • I want to know when I’m spending money
  • What if my iPhone gets stolen, anyone can buy anything
  • My kid/wife/dog just touches all the buttons, I don’t want them accidentally buying something

Then again, there are counter arguments:

  • It’s our damn device!
  • We type it once, why not save it
  • We can password protect our device
  • We can remote wipe our iPhone if it’s stolen / lost
  • As a rational being, we can select whether or not we want it to be required (perhaps this is managed off the device?)

So … why do vendors get to make all these decisions for us?  Why are we all so limited by the least common denominator in terms of consumers?

Do we really have a leg to stand on?  We can just buy someone else’s product after all.

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