My iPhone is Fixed, Thanks Apple!

Thursday, November 10th, 2011 | Personal | by

Yesterday I had a bad day.

I dropped my iPhone 4 coming down the stairs, and it shattered.  (picture is in yesterday’s post)

My phone is used heavily throughout the work day, so I needed to get it fixed / replaced.  First thing I do is make an appointment at the local Apple store (Providence, RI), and head on out.

On the way to the Apple store, I see the “flat tire” indicator turn on.  Ok, I can drive with a tire that’s going flat no problem…


I thought someone kicked up a chunk of wood that hit my car.  So I pull over (all about 15 minutes from my house, halfway to the Apple store), and find, yes, an entirely flat tire.  It blew out.

By the time I got back up (after an officer mocking me for waiting for Infiniti Roadside Assistance to change a tire, and Roadside Assitance giving up on me) … it was almost 9pm, and Apple would be closed way before I got there.

I drove home, all dirty from changing my own tire (first time for me .. I told the wife I should have earned 5 man points from that).


As usual, I have tons of work to get done, but I need my car fixed before Saturday, and I need my iPhone in working condition so I can talk without getting glass shards in my ear.

Infiniti can take my car today for new tires (it needed them anyway), and I have an appointment at the Apple store.

The Apple store in Providence was busy.  I’m sure it always is.  My appointment at the Genius Bar comes up..

Apple will replace my iPhone for free.  It’s traditionally not covered, but I guess they have a “one time” clause to replace someone’s hardware.


My iPhone broke yesterday (after I dropped it), Apple replaced it for free today.

I was expecting to pay at least $100 to get it fixed.

Thanks, again, Apple.

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