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Tuesday, November 8th, 2011 | Business | by

WordPressI’ve been working on writing an article on Purpose Built WordPress templates.  This morning I ran across a post by Ben Word, at benword.comHow to Hide The Fact That You’re Using WordPress.

WordPress tends to add a LOT of “stuff” in both the final HTML, and all the layers that build it.  This is done to accommodate the masses.  As a developer you can write <img src=’images/image.gif’ alt=’test’> or you can ping a database, resize an image, pull the proper alt tag, construct the final img tag then output it to the screen.

All the same, WP adds code to your header to account for all the functionality it MIGHT use.  Not necessarily all the functionality it does use.

I’m not a big fan of the approach taken by Ben, as one by one he removes the “WordPressy” code.  I’d prefer to start minimalistic, and go with a clean template.  Don’t use wp_head, but make sure you know the implications of that (plugins may use wp_head to add JS and/or CSS code, WP might assume it has control over certain items, etc).

As an exercise in understanding everything WordPress adds, this article is useful to understand why it can be so bloated at times.

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