iPhone 5: What, when and why?

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I’ve been avoiding saying anything about the upcoming iPhone 5 event , “Lets talk iPhone” because there are so many conflicting stories.

Tomorrow, October 4, 2011 at the usual 1pm eastern (10am PDT) Apple will hold the “Lets talk iPhone” media event at their corporate headquarters.  I will be following the live blogging, you can too at Ars Technica (and many others).

The Facts

Numerous sources agree upon the following facts:

  • Apple will release an iPhone 4 variant, likely the iPhone 4S
  • The iPhone 4S will run the A5 processor
  • The new iPhone will leverage the Siri Assistant technology.
  • iOS 5 will be announced officially
  • iCloud will be announced officially (including the uploading of all your music to “the cloud”)
  • The iPhone 4S will feature the same form factor as the current iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4 will be the same screen size / resolution of the current iPhone 4
  • Facebook will be there to announce something (probably a Facebook iPad app)
  • Apple Assistance will allow you to speak in english and tell the iPhone to do things (it will require the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5)
  • the iPhone 4s will have an upgraded camera

The Fun Stuff

Here are some fun rumors going around, and what we might see:

  • An actual iPhone 5 with a tapered form factor
  • Possible wider screen on the iPhone 5
  • A Sprint iPhone announcement (it’s almost virtually guaranteed, but Apple may also announce it)
  • News sizes for iPhones (either 4, 4S, or both) such as 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and maybe 64GB.
  • Free 3GS with contracts?
  • Maybe that iPhone 4 will be $99?

Basically we know there will be an updated iPhone 4 form factor phone feature the A5 processor.  We’ve seen the SKUs, the specs, everything.

What we have conflicting information on is whether there will actually be an iPhone 5, or just iOS 5.  There have been reports of cases shipping with the “new” tapered form factor, but those cases could be based on the massive rumors (or even a cancelled device dimension).  We hope not (as do they, as that would be significant amounts of lost money).  However we haven’t seen any inkling of evidence for an iPhone 5 outside of rumors based on form factor leaks.

If the iPhone 5 hits, it will likely have everything the iPhone 4 gets, maybe more storage (perhaps 4S only goes to 32GB, and iPhone 5 goes to 64GB?).  It may have a larger screen (possibly same resolution?).

Can’t wait to find out!

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