10 Forgotten iOS 5 Features

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iOS 5I’ve only had my phone upgraded to iOS 5 for 2 days, but with everyone getting their iPhone 4S today, I wanted to post some lesser known or forgotten iOS 5 features that are still pretty cool.  I know, how can we forget something that just launched 2 days ago!

Some you might just not know how to use (like weren’t we supposed to be able to find our friends, it’s a downloadable APP!).  Oh, and there are tons of new options under “Accessibility” which seem to be hidden.

Here are 10 feature you may not know existed, but I kinda like…

Notification Screen Shows Emails

I’m finding I get emails quicker on my iPhone than I do in Outlook.  Finally now that I see emails on my Notification / lock screen, I know when they come in.

Quick Camera Access & Shortcuts

While your phone is locked, double click the lock button, and click on the “camera” icon next to the slider bar.  I almost missed this one.  Combine that with using the volume up (yes, it also works on the iPhone headset up volume button) to take a picture and you’ll never miss anything anymore.

Find my Friends app

We heard about it, but you updated to iOS 5 and it’s not there?  You have to download it (along with the iCard app, the AirPort Utility, and any magazines for the Newsstand app).  You can temporarily give your friends access to your location.  Giving directions to your wife suddenly got much easier (my wife usually doesn’t need directions, she’s good that way… at least after she got GPS in her car)

iCard app

Another one to download from the App Store.  For a few bucks you can send a nice looking physical card to your friends and family.  Use a picture on your phone, and suddenly vacations are much easier to share with your family.  I always hated finding, writing and figuring out how to mail postcards.

LED Flash for Calls

Accessibility (Settings->General->Accessibility) hides some treasures such as the LED Flash for calls.  When someone calls you can have your iPhone’s LED flash instead of trying to hear it.  I experimented, but turned it off (it’s very bright).

Custom Vibrate “tones”

Another one under accessibility.  I was excited that we could “record” our own vibrations for calls and messages.  Try it out, it’s kinda cool (you tap the phone longer for more of a vibration, and it records your actions).

Hourly Weather

Need I say more?  It’s in the weather app, and you can finally see the hourly forecast.

Print Location & Direction Maps

Haven’t tried this one out, as I don’t have an AirPrint compatible printer, but this does sound cool.

Face Time over 3G

Video calling has finally come out of the home!

Location Based Reminders

Geo Fencing was mentioned in the iPhone 4S / iOS 5 announcement, but how do you use it?  It’s in the new “reminders” app that comes with iOS 5.  You can set the reminder to go off when you leave/arrive at a location (such as an address).  It includes address in your contacts.  So if you want to remind a friend the next time you visit them about the money they owe you, it should be easy now.


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Kerrie T
June 10, 2012

Thank you Sean, your website is a godsend! Solution 3 worked for us, downloading sim contacts. Panic stations averted….

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