jQuery Mobile Beta 1 Released

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Yesterday, June 20, 2011, the jQuery Mobile team released Beta 1.

The team intends to release the final jQuery Mobile at the end of the summer.  Another beta should be out within the next month.

With each release of jQuery Mobile we see better and better support for both core jQuery libraries, and mobile browsers.  Check out the Mobile Graded Browser Support page to see a list of supported platforms.

If you’re not familiar with the scope of jQuery Mobile, here are some quick points:

  • Cross platform and Cross device support (see support here)
  • Touch optimized controls (such as popups, sliders, menus, touch navigation, etc)
  • Themable designs
  • Adding support for CSS3 properties
  • Lightweight size (12K compressed right now)
  • Accessibility
  • Events
  • Plugins

Many of the tasks that are annoying for web developers will be made easy, such as:

  • Removing the title / search bar from pages
  • Header buttons (these are common in mobile apps, but tougher on web sites)
  • Easy to use icons and buttons
  • Simple navigation bars (utilize the full width and allow dynamic elements)
  • Leverage full screen mode, flexible from browser to browser
  • Persistent navs
  • Theming

I’m excited and can’t wait to start playing with these new toys.

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