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It’s been a long day (as I’m up at 2am), but lots has happened that has almost passed me by.

I’ve already announced on this blog that Firefox 5 was released today, and jQuery Mobile Beta 1 is out (actually released yesterday).

Today two other news items crossed my eye, the iPhone 5 and Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

iPhone 5 scheduled for release in September

According to Bloomberg, the iPhone 5 is scheduled for release this September (possibly in late August).  This is contrary to rumors about there being an iPhone 4S before a new iPhone 5 (that was supposed to be testing of a model for T-Mobile).  Additional rumors are spreading that the iPhone 5 will not only feature the better camera and processor, but a completely new form factor.

Bloomberg was relatively accurate about the Verizon iPhone selling earlier this year, lets hope they are right on this.

Microsoft’s SkyDrive will drop Silverlight

Not only is Microsoft pushing for HTML5 and Javascript in their operating system (I have mixed feelings about this, but it’s good for web developers), but they have also dropped Silverlight for HTML5 in their SkyDrive offering.

This is quite a commitment from the company who has managed to keep us coding in the IE6 dark ages for 10 years.

On one hand, I’ve been thinking over the last few years that we would move away from these (currently popular) apps, into a platform independent environment.  Not only is HTML5 platform independent, but it has been used as device independent.

Here’s a video of HTML5 in the new Windows 8:

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