Google +1 Button Launches

Thursday, June 16th, 2011 | Business | by

Google has officially launched the plus one button (+1), and it’s available for web developers to put on their sites.

We had a sneak peak a few months go when it started popping up on sites, but was removed quickly (sites saw it, and hacked a solution to embed it using iframes).

As of June 1, you can now see the +1 button appearing on Google products and sites.

Google has some interesting functionality with the basic, +1 button:

  • You can see recommendations by your friends only (Google trying harder to get into social networking)
  • List your “+1″s on your public Google Profile
  • View aggregate only (so you don’t see your social network’s favorites)

I don’t really like the “share” buttons on sites myself.  The return on the investment is often too small for the screen real estate.  Even some of the largest sites out there may only get a hundred or so shares.  Think about the rest of our prospects.

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