Apple Releases iOS 4.3, Safari 5.0.4

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 | Business | by

Apple released iOS 4.3 today (except for Verizon iPhone users … grr)

Updates include:

  • Personal Hotspot
  • iTunes Home Sharing
  • Airplay Updates (more interoperability between devices)
  • Faster Safari (and also released a 5.0.4 for desktop users) – featuring the Apple Nitro Javascript engine — some results are up to 50% faster!
  • HD Video out with the Apple adapter
  • Few tweaks to settings

You can get it now, if you don’t have Verizon.  Guess I can’t ever be on the winning side of Apple.

I’m hoping the delay for 4.3 on Verizon iPhone isn’t too long — but no official word on that yet.

Also with the updates was an update for Apple TV today that aded some content as part of it’s iOS 4.3 update.

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3 Comments to Apple Releases iOS 4.3, Safari 5.0.4

George Calco
March 10, 2011

Any flash-support yet? The #1 reason I’m on android. How hard can that be?

March 10, 2011

Still no flash, I don’t expect that ever by now.

Gary Corbett
March 16, 2011

I think the battle of Apple vs Adobe will go on for a while yet. Also I’m hoping for some improved speed from Safari, because right now, Chrome vs Safari, Chrome has the style and the speed advantage for me, Firefox has the functionality, Safari is being left with nothing.

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