Brower Market Share: Chrome at 10.7%, IE 6 at 12.03% – Companies upgrading from IE6

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ConceivablyTech has done a good job summarizing the data from NetMarketShare.

From The Third Double-Digit Browser: Chrome Blasts Past 10%:

Google’s Chrome had another successful month and ended 2010 with 10.70% market share, according to Net Applications and almost 16% according to StatCounter. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continued to lose market share on a fast pace while Mozilla’s Firefox is fighting and tightly holding on to the market share it has.

Chrome Growth

We all know why Chrome is growing so fast.  It’s a good browser.  With the backing of Google, we can be sure it will continue to grow for a long time coming.

One of the nice things about Chrome is the pace of the updates (the browser version is increasing every other month it seems), as well as everyone being upgraded automatically around the time of the release.

IE6’s Slow, SLOW Demise

IE6 is still, amazingly, at 12.03% market share.  Fortunately we are seeing trends of larger corporations finally upgrading their IE6 (and not always to IE7 or 8 either).

We still have to support IE6 with certain clients.  Life is still not that great as a cross platform web developer.

Believe it or not, IE7 has actually dropped below the IE6 market share.  Everyone who was willing to upgrade, has already moved on to IE8.  I always find it interesting how I have to support IE6 and IE8, but never worry about IE7.


My own predictions are the following:

  • IE6 will drop to 7-8% by the end of the year
  • Chrome will increase from 10% now, to 20%+ by the end of the year (this may be a bit bold)
  • Firefox will drop a few percent to around 18-21% (those who use it will stay, but I don’t see it gaining any users)
  • Safari will continue to grow slowly, but stay below 10%
  • Overall Internet Explorer usage will wane slightly, to around 50%).  I see IE9 attracting some users, but don’t see it doing anything, but mitigate the growth of other platforms.

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1 Comment to Brower Market Share: Chrome at 10.7%, IE 6 at 12.03% – Companies upgrading from IE6

February 16, 2011

I think internet explorer in general is dying a slow, painful death. Surely it cant compete when there are so many other, much better browsers out there

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