Internet Explorer 9: New browser, Same Problems – IE9 HTML5 Failures

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Way back when, in the times of HTML 4, and CSS was just getting started we worked with IE6.  IE6 required us to do everything differently, because of the ways things were implemented.  They just had to be different.

Fast forward to 2011.  The world is rapidly expanding use of an incomplete spec, HTML5, and things seem OK. Browsers support it, the implementations seem pretty consistent.

Enter IE9.

An excellent writeup (if you’re a web developer, go read it now) at Devious Technology by mudimba, IE9 Tries to Implement HTML5 – Hilarity Ensues.

From the article:

The following is a list of several IE9 gotchas that I ran into. I am sure that there are more – this is only the result of kicking the tires. It is also just the stuff that I ran into with deviantART muro, other applications will care more about other parts of the canvas feature set.

Canvas Resizing

The Problem
When a canvas is resized by changing the style.width or style.height, IE9 clears the canvas and resets the context. Note that style.width is not the same as the width attribute of the canvas. Having <canvas width=”50” height=”50” style=”width: 100px; height:100px”></canvas> would be equivalent to having a 50×50 pixel image that you stretch to 100x100px in a browser. All browsers reset the canvas when you change the width or height attribute, but only IE resets the canvas when style.width or style.height is changed.

Why This Matters
Applications can zoom in and out of certain areas of a canvas by leaving the drawing as is and changing the style.width and/or style.height.

Really an interesting look at the issues we are facing as IE9 rears it’s ugly head.  I can only hope this is because it’s still in beta.

UPDATE – Microsoft Employee Responds

Giorgio Sardo responded in, Building great browsers together, on the MSDN blogs.

Very positive and timely response by Microsoft.

Also highly recommended to read the follow up. It is a clean professional response.  Most of the bugs reported were just because it’s still in beta.  Actually most of the bugs have already been fixed by the next release.

An excerpt relating to the canvas resizing issue:

3 – Canvas Resizing

Good catch! It looks like you are hitting an old bug that has already been fixed (fix to come in the next build). If you see similar issues in the future, I’d strongly suggest to file a bug to Connect. More on “why Connect” at the bottom of this post.

Summary: it’s in beta, Microsoft isn’t all that evil yet.

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