All But Confirmed: Verizon iPhone Announced on 1/11/11

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From All Things Digital:

Verizon Wireless’s Tuesday iPhone announcement will be headlined by President and COO Lowell McAdam, but there will likely be a special guest as well.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

While the appearance isn’t 100 percent assured, sources in a position to know tell me that, barring any unforeseen circumstances, Jobs will likely join McAdam onstage in New York when he announces the addition of the iPhone to its handset lineup.

.. and from Wall Street Journal’s News Alert @ 5:47pm:

Verizon Wireless is finally getting Apple’s popular iPhone. The wireless carrier is holding an event in New York Tuesday to announce the news.

It seems that Gizmodo will not be attending the event.  They leaked some iPhone info in the past, and have been banned from Apple press events.

Popular Apple blog site The Loop, says they will be attending the event.

TiPb, The #1 iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch blog, says in their blog post:

Verizon is having another one of their mandatory face-to-face training sessions for an “iconic pre-order”, this one scheduled for January 25 to February 4, 2011, and it could just be for the Verizon iPhone. That’s what many seem to believe, at least.

What else do we need?

It seems the phone will probably be available on February 4th, 2011.  Based upon the closure of the pre-orders, and both Verizon and Apple preventing vacations for store staff that weekend.  Both companies tend to release products on Thursdays, and Apple likes to announce products a little less than a month before launch.

Keep in mind this is still the iPhone 4, and not a new iPhone.  Just a Verizon version.

This is it.

I’m going to check out Verizon cell plans, farewell AT&T.

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