Beatles, iTunes, iOS 4.2, Google Voice and Mobile Versions of Sites

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Things have been happening very fast in the past week or 2, and wanted to review them.

Hopefully, I’ll be covering the following:

  • Beatles on iTunes
  • iTunes 10.1
  • iOS 4.2 coming soon
  • Google Voice
  • Mobile versions of Sites

There’s a lot on my mind, and I haven’t written in a while.  Today I get to catch up.

Beatles on iTunes

It’s finally set.  Why do we care?  Most of us have the Beatles songs we want already (either from CD or other means).  The only reason I can see that Steve Jobs made a big deal about this, is it was his own personal goal.  It’s nice to have Beatles songs in the iTunes library, but it shouldn’t warrant a press event or major announcement.  Geeks like me got excited for a few days wondering if some other important changes were going to be announced.

iTunes 10.1 and iOS 4.2

iTunes 10.1 was out a few days ago.  If you didn’t get it, update your iTunes.  This is really only important because iOS 4.2 is coming soon (and having iTunes 10.1 out means it can happen any day).

I’m excited for the new iOS, airplay, and the new Apple TV.  However, we shouldn’t get excited because we can stream video “finally”.  Video streaming over the, relatively, slow internet has been around for over a decade (remember RealPlayer, ugh).  Apple is really making a big deal of things that should have been available years ago.

The original Apple TV still serves as a heavily utilized entertainment device in our house.  We’ve been downloading tv shows and movies for years, and have quite enjoyed it.  Streaming music from iTunes to my entertainment system has been great.

I agree with Apple, the Apple TV is a great device.  Unfortunately history tells us that the AppleTV essentially “failed” a few years ago, and it is likely to do the same again (despite Apple acting like it’s new again).

At least with iOS 4.2 coming out we have a few things to look forward to on November 24th.  The iPad finally gets the needed iOS 4 upgrades that the iPhone has had (folders, multitasking), and we get some new pieces of functionality — AirPlay, and AirPrint.

Google Voice

It’s out in the App store!  I wish it were as integrated as it is on the Android platform, but it’s a nice step to see Apple approving an app that should have been approved years ago.  Finally a reason to use my Google Voice account again.

That and the cheaper long distance (though we had Skype for this), plus text messaging make this a nice addition, although nothing that is a game changer.

Mobile Versions of Sites — my BIG complaint

Finally, after having done a lot of travel and living off my iPhone, I come to complain about the biggest problem facing “Mobile Versions” of web sites.

Any web developer out there who has ever implemented a “mobile version” of their site, please listen to this.

It is very frustrating when you find a link to an article that you want to read, and you are redirected to the mobile home page instead of the mobile version of that page.  As a user I immediately give up on the article, as I know it’s virtually impossible to find articles on some mobile sites.

Google is the new “navigation” to everyone’s site, and you must support it.  A simple redirect to the mobile home page is NOT enough.  You MUST make sure any user looking for an article on a mobile device, gets there.

That should be it for now.  I’m back in the seat again, and will be updating more regularly (I have lots of subjects on the top of my mind, javascript CMS injection, Cufon tips, some fixes for Notepad++ again, etc).

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