Bloglines Shutting Down

Sunday, September 12th, 2010 | Business | by

To my sparse readers using Bloglines, it is being shut down in a few weeks by it’s owner,

Here’s the update:

Today, let our users know that we will shut down Bloglines on October 1. Not an easy decision, especially considering our loyal and supportive (not to mention patient) user base, but, ultimately, the right one given business reasons simply too hard to ignore.

It is true, RSS really isn’t an “end” anymore … it is just a way for content to be syndicated over the net.

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1 Comment to Bloglines Shutting Down

October 20, 2010

And nothing of value was lost 😛 – anyone still uses Bloglines when you have Goggle Reader? Not that GR is perfect by any stretch of imagination but is still the least useless… I could not use bloglines because it would always mark all messages of a displayed feed as read. i didn’t have a patience to check for a solution…

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