Apple TV: Why I believe in It

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 | Business | by

I’ve had an Apple TV for about 3 or 4 years now.  The old one that is, and have been very happy with my purchase.  I know it wouldn’t have had a major impact being it costs about $300 and to be useful, requires the end user to be pretty saavy with the setup.  I think the new Apple TV is enough of a departure to possibly be a BIG thing.

Once we did get the original Apple TV set up, it was great.  Any music purchased on it, my iPhone, or my computer would connect to the Apple TV.  The screensaver was always updated photos from my computer’s photo library (it’s always nice to see recent photos on the TV).  The girl and I have watched complete series’ of TV shows purchased through iTunes.  Renting a movie is a piece of cake, and very high quality.

There is one HUGE reason I believe in the new Apple TV.  Using AirPlay, users can stream music, videos or photos from their iOS devices.  Also, take a look at the size… it’s pocket sized.  All of a sudden no matter where you are, you can bring a VCR and stream your iPhone’s TV shows, or audio to you parent’s home entertainment system (via HDMI … ok, so it is 720p, I’ll live with that for a year).

For $99 you can extend your iTunes speakers to any set of speakers in your house (if they have the right audio connections), you can watch your iTunes TV shows.

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