Comment Spammer Blacklist?

Thursday, July 8th, 2010 | Business | by

Not a big surprise, running a blog I get tons of comment spammers.  Lots of “Good info” and “I really like this, can you elaborate more”.

Does anyone know of a comment spammer blacklist?  I’ve been thinking of starting one.  Manually writing down IPs that are obviously spamming trying to get more inbound links.

I’m happy if people link to their website with a useful link, but don’t waste everyone’s time.


Just saw a great post covering 4 WordPress commenter blacklist plugins — The 4 Best WordPress Commenter Blacklist Plugins.

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5 Comments to Comment Spammer Blacklist?

Space Game
July 8, 2010

One more plugin to use is “cookies for comments”. People using automatic spamming software are detected by it. A browser takes cookies, automatic spammer software does not.
Let them at least take the effort to visit your site for leaving a usefull comment and make traffic and time on the site.

Jan Smith
July 8, 2010

Blog spammers are twits who deserve to be twreddled and not tweeted on Twitter…

Now if someone could produce a plugin that we could all upload that had a memory of blocked ip addresses that could be useful. Akismeet seems to do a reasonably good job but it is really necessary to monitor every comment before it gets placed on your blog.

July 14, 2010

As for me standard WordPress tool makes good job.
But anyway I tend to review comments marked as spam cause sometimes there might be a real comment.

Usually I do not get these typical primitive spam comments. Sometimes comment may be very amusing,
i.e. read my

Computer Repair
July 16, 2010

I agree it would be nice to have a piece of software that would block spammers from posting via an ip address, but what if a spammer is spoofing their ip?

I think the best way is the old fashion way. Read the comments to see if it is spam or not. Software is still just software, they are not perfect.

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