Google Caffeine Launched – and how it will affect SEO

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 | Business | by

Google has changed their indexing subsystem significantly.

It has now named “Caffeine” and is supposed to be another generation in terms of the quality of the Google index.  The new index service supposedly indexes 50% faster than the old indexing system, and will delivery “fresh” results.

The move is in response to the changing world of the web.  With Twitter, Facebooks, and blogs everywhere you go — information (if you can call it that) is being created at an amazing pace.

How does this affect web developers?

Content should appear on Google much quicker.  Along with fresh content, we can expect more competition for top spots on search pages.  I would be there will be certain queries that return more “immediate” results than others.  For example, I think search terms that are “fresh” such as a storm in the northeast, a bridge collapse, or a sporting event — will all benefit from this change.  As information is being created “out there” I would expect Google to incorporate such “fresh” information faster.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t expect more “static” queries to change much.  Better information will reach the first page, but I wouldn’t expect Google to put the same weight on a new article, as an article that has already been up on the subject and been heavily linked to.

As with everything Google does, the best way to take advantage of it is to generate original, quality, and pertinent content to your end users.  If you do that, I would hope your search positions will improve.

What is indexing, and how does it affect searching?

Want to know how indexing works? Check out this video from Google:

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