Apple iOS 4 Issues relate to Google Apps, Gmail Exchange

Monday, June 21st, 2010 | Business | by

According to ZDNet, the problems we are seeing specifically deal with Google Apps (or the use of Google as an exchange server).  This is true for me, and I have been noticing additional problems checking email via Exchange on my iPhone as well.

Not sure who is to blame here, but hopefully those with Google Apps issues all have their data backed up in multiple locations (just by the nature of the beast).

Based on the comments to my earlier post, Help: I upgraded to iOS 4 and lost my contacts, people are getting their contacts back slowly.

Quite a bummer on what was supposed to be a great release.  I really want to know who is at fault here (initially I blamed Apple, but I’m not so sure now).

UPDATE – Looks like this is a Google issue of an unfortunately timed “scheduled maintenance” and every iPhone user who uses Google Apps trying to re-sync – Google Sync Scheduled Maintenance

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[…] I did have, and continue to hear about, issues upgrading.  I lost all my contacts and had problems with my Google Apps account (email / contacts / etc).  Supposedly this is…. […]

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