Flowplayer: Control bar won’t reappear after Fullscreen and the Fix

Monday, May 17th, 2010 | Business | by

Was just working with a strange bug in Flowplayer — after going full screen, the Control bar wouldn’t return on certain computers (seems to have been prevalent in certain versions of Safari 4.0.4, maybe Chrome).

The Problem

The example I was working on was using Flowplayer with a Flash control bar (all customized).  The control bar was autoHide: ‘always’.

It seemed that after going full screen the control bar wasn’t coming up again.  Someone reported that it appeared to be losing focus — so after fullscreen the mouse wasn’t really over Flash.

The Solution

Did a little digging and found there was an onFullscreenExit event in Flowplayer.  Just adding a quick function call:

$f(playername, "player.swf", {
  onFullscreenExit: function() {

Did the trick!

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3 Comments to Flowplayer: Control bar won’t reappear after Fullscreen and the Fix

Custom USB Drives
May 17, 2010

A great solution for a great player that is normally flawless.

holland turkey trade
May 19, 2010

its really nice solution .. but it did not work on my side i did any mistake ? how could use it with php ? could you give me an example

I was struggling with this bug. Thank you for the solution. Added the code to one of my many websites!

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