Top WordPress Plugins: Headspace2 replaces All in One SEO

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I have been using and recommending the WordPress plugin, All in One SEO, for years now.  It is solid, provides the ability to manage terms that were more difficult before.

Enter Headspace2.

Headspace2, by Urban Giraff, is another SEO meta data manager.  That means it helps you organize everything your website uses or organize itself.

Is it worth Switching?

So you have put all your efforts into typing specific keywords, overriding titles, and are finally happy with the results of your SEO work.  That normally provides a huge barrier to switching tools, not with Headspace 2. Headspace 2 makes migration easy, and instantly gives you more control than you had before.

Headspace 2 offers an import utility from many of the popular SEO plugins.

Check out the features below and you will see, it is worth switching.  Not only that, but it is easy to switch.

Headspace 2 – Features

Here are some of the features that are winning me over:

  • Bulk meta-data management – With the “Meta-data” Tool, you can search your posts, manage tags, descriptions, titles, all one a single screen with up to 250 posts on a single page.  This is EXTREMELY helpful. This feature alone is worth it
  • Adaptive User Input – Input fields frequently have shortcuts around them.  If you properly tag your content, why should you have to write those tags again as keywords.
  • Modular installation / configuration – You can turn on and off the features you use or don’t use.  This makes many of the screens so much easier to use, yet are still just as powerful (if you want them to be).  This is helpful if you are slowly trying to get a client to work on their SEO meta data, but don’t want to overwhelm them.
  • Integration with tracking Software – A single screen lets you add virtually any tracking software you need
  • Google Section targeting – I haven’t been successful with this yet myself, but Headspace has an option for “Google section targeting”.  I’d be excited to see Google sectioning.
  • Nested Management – You can inherit settings from parent nodes, which makes the meta data you fill out, much more powerful.
  • Granular Control – You can manage site wide, categories, posts, pages, sections, taxonomy, author pages, search pages, 404 pages, tag pages, attachment pages, even login pages.

There is so much more in here too — it’s a treasure trove of SEO functionality.


Headspace 2 is powerful, easy to setup, and flexible.  No matter which SEO package you are running, you should install this now.

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