Secret iPhone Found, and Returned — Apple officially responds

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 | Business | by

Gizmodo has been lucky enough to be involved in some Apple iPhone drama.  They have gotten their hands on the soon to be released (this summer) new iPhone (4G?).

According to Gizmodo, here is how the new Apple iPhone was lost.  It was found in a fake “3G” case, that was supposed to make it look like an iPhone 3G.  The video is at the top of the post.

If you want to check out a video of the new Iphone, here’s the overview of the new iPhone.  Keep in mind, Apple has used fake cases before, so the team testing the OS doesn’t know exactly what the phone will look like at launch.

Some features found on the new iPhone (the OS wasn’t working, it was reportedly running OS 4):

  • Front Camera!
  • Separate Volume Buttons
  • Metallic outside
  • Flat Back
  • SIM slot moved to side, and is microSIM
  • Camera lense in back is larger
  • Camera has a Flash
  • Mic on top of iPhone, speculated to be for noise cancellation (very likely)

There has been much doubt about the “found” iPhone, some say it was a chinese knock off, but Apple has officially asked for the phone back (through legal channels, and Gizmodo is happily complying) – Apple sends legal letter asking for its secret iPhone back.

I hope this isn’t a tactic by Apple, demand a fake iPhone to be returned to throw the rest of the world off course.

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