PHP Email – A Beginners Guide

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Saw a nicely done introduction tutorial to sending email with PHP:

PHP has a very simple mail function which is used very often for basic text mail messages. What if you need to attach files or if you need to send your e-mail messages via SMTP? Than it’s time to use a more advanced script. This is because the standard mail function has only limited standard capabilities. There are many reasons to use SMTP transport for sending e-mail messages from your web application …

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2 Comments to PHP Email – A Beginners Guide

One of the simplest ways to use the PHP mail function in actual web application are as follows:

You need to define the required variables first and then use the mail function to finally send your mail.

I have done this with a lot of application and really works well, provided all required variables are validated first. Just my two cents.

The code is not shown above, by the way it is here:

$to = “”;
$subject = “Your email subject here.”;
$message = “Your short message here”;
$from = “”;
$headers = “From: $from”;

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