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Saw a great HTML5 presentation today at HTML5 Presentation.  Has tons of useful demos of new HTML5 technologies that you can actually USE TODAY.

The presentation covers:

  • New JS selectors
  • Javascript web storage (localStorage)
  • JS access to SQL databases (openDatabase, transaction, executeSql)
  • Javascript application caching (applicationCache)
  • Javascript web workers (Worker)
  • JS sockets (WebSocket, onopen, postMessage, onmessage, onclose)
  • JS notifications (checkPermission, createNotification)
  • Drag and Drop (dragStart, setData, effectAllowed)
  • Geolocation (coords)
  • New HTML tags (section, header, hgroup, article, aside, footer)
  • HTML Link relations (archives, external, license, noreferrer, pingback, sidebar, tag) — sounds like Blogs are getting a bit of help
  • HTML itemprop usage
  • ARIA attributes (check out ARIA in HTML5 Integrtion: Document Conformance)
  • New form types (range, search, placeholder, color, number, email, tel, time, date, month, week, datetime, autofocus)
  • HTML5 audio and video
  • HTML5 canvas controls
  • New CSS selectors (nth-child,type=”text”,not,first-child) – looks like jQuery selectors are getting a bit of attention, becoming part of CSS.  I can’t wait til all browsers support nth-child and first-child (damn you IE)
  • OTF font support
  • CSS text wrapping with “ellipsis” — woohoo!
  • CSS column support
  • Text stroking
  • Opacity (a bit easier than it is now)
  • Hue / Saturation / Luminance
  • Rounded Corners
  • Gradients
  • Shadows
  • background upgrades
  • CSS transitions
  • CSS transforms
  • CSS animations

Wow, look at that list!

Check out the presentation, the author did an excellent job summarizing some of the new things we can get started playing with today (best viewed in an HTML5 friendly browser).

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