Google fined for Orkut user’s comment

Monday, April 26th, 2010 | Personal | by

Google was fined in Brazil for an Orkut user calling a priest a “pedophile”.

Ignorance and stupidity abound — around the world.

Earlier in February I had posted a response to Google executives being convicted in Italy because of user uploaded content.

Any rational individual can say this is garbage.  In no way did Google post the content, or specifically approve of it.  Do these “judges” feel there should be an internet?

I’ve ranted before about this, so the same thoughts apply from the previous post.

We should all be outraged for multiple reasons:

  • The medium is not to blame (be it online, or paper): If you wrote the insult on paper from HammerMill, would they be liable?  Maybe that’s far off, what about suing Xerox for making 1 million copies of that same paper?
  • I didn’t see any mention of the individual who posted the comment being sued (I may have missed this, or maybe it wasn’t reported).
  • Judges should be individuals who inspire respect for their wisdom and … judgement.  How can people this ignorant be in a position to make decisions and rule over others?

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