Adobe CEO, Shantanu Narayen, responds to Steve Jobs’ “Thoughts on Flash”

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Earlier I posted a response to the “Thoughts on Flash” article by Steve Jobs.  It seems Adobe has responded via a live-blog session on The Wall Street Journal.  I first saw this reported at, Adobe respond to Jobs’ “thoughts on Flash”.

An excerpt:

2:40 pm
Mr. Narayen says that the difference is that Adobe believes in open content. He says that their Creative Suitesoftware was designed to work on multiple devices and that Apple’s “recent behavior shows that they are concerned about Adobe being able” to provide this product that works across multiple platforms.

2:45 pm
Mr. Narayan talks about Adobe “certainly” shipping on Android’s latest version. He says that it is an “incredibly productive time” for Adobe and discusses Creative Suite 5, saying that Adobe’s “innovation is blowing people away.”

2:47 pm
The technology problems that Mr. Jobs mentions in his essay are “really a smokescreen,” Mr. Narayan says. He says more than 100 applications that used Adobe’s software were accepted in the App Store. “When you resort to licensing language” to restrict this sort of development, he says, it has “nothing to do with technology.”

2:49 pm
He says that Apple’s restrictiveness is just going to make it “cumbersome” for developers who are trying to make products that work on many devices. They’re going to have to have “two workflows” …  one for Apple devices and one for others.

2:52 pm
Mr. Narayan calls accusations about Flash draining battery power “patently false.” Speaking about Mr. Jobs’s letter in general, he says that “for every one of these accusations made there is proprietary lock-in” that prevents Adobe from innovating.

2:54 pm
Responding to a question about Mr. Jobs’s assertion that Adobe is a closed platform, Mr. Narayan chuckles. “I find it amusing, honestly. Flash is an open specification,” he says.

2:57 pm
To conclude, Mr. Narayan says he’s for “letting customers decide,” but that the multi-platform world will “eventually prevail.” And the interview wraps up.

I’ve really selected the parts that I thought were most compelling.  No time to consume this, but I totally agree with the “Smokescreen” verbiage, that’s what it is.

Adobe has an open standard, and Apple sends the cops to anyone who looks inside their magical devices.

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