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I’ve posted a few times on my experiment to see how much Twitter boosts my overall traffic.  In doing so I’ve noticed a lot of my traffic now comes from strange sources.  With the use of TinyURL, and some of the interfaces people use for twitter, traffic is difficult to watch.

An article I just read on Yoast, The analytics issue with Twitter offers a nice solution.  

According to, only 50% of twitter traffic comes from the web.  The other 50% comes from all sorts of various applications.

How do we track it?

One great way, suggested in the aforementione article, is to tag twitter posts with campaign tags.  Just like large companies do, tagging traffic as a campaign will let you analyze traffic coming form all Twitter sources.

Check out the original post, The analytics issue with Twitter.  He deserves credit on this, I’m just pointing you to his article.

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January 20, 2009

Hi there! thanks for sharing this. I’m also a twitter user, (a new user actually) and for me i think it doesn’t really traffic on my blog.

Is there method you know how to?

January 20, 2009

Twitter has so far added about 40% traffic to this site.

I had a post on my Twitter Traffic Experiment, in which I mentioned things like Twellow.

If you’re new, it’s probably because you don’t have people following you. Use Twellow to find people who have similiar interests. People on twitter respect your follow, and usually follow you back in turn (as I do).

Additionally I watch people’s tweets, and when I find someone who seems interesting, or knowledgeable, I usually see who they are following — and connect with those people.

Essentially you should expand the numbers of people you are following, and hope those people follow you back. Engage with your followers through regular updates, replies, and insightful comments.

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