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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 | Business | by

Along with all the geek’s around the world, today I got a hands on impression of Google Chrome

First off — the rationale behind the browser is exactly what it should be.  Clean, quick, and flexible.

Using it quickly, I already want to start creating a web application to take advantage of it’s multi threading, javascript sandboxing, simple “OS” like interface.

When I click on a tab, it finally creates a new window! 

The best part, any advances made in development on Chrome, are open source and can be integrated with Firefox down the line.

Highly recommended.


Update – Great article over at wired on the story behind Chrome
Update #2 – Arsetechnica has just published an article reviewing Chrome
Update #3 – Security flaws in Google Chrome found, based on old webkit flaw.

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